What We Have Done

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Outreach in 2016 was tuition and food supplementation based.
Paid tuition for 15 students.
Paid for supplemental food for 4 families.
Badru working with Ubuntu Village giving aid the elderly and disabled.
Outreach in 2017 was medical first aid and tuition based.
Teamed up with Martina Free Care Uganda to offer first aid to villagers.
Hundreds of families were reached and given first aid supplies.
Paid tuition for 11 students.

Outreach in 2018 was seeds and irrigation, tuition, and routine doctor visits.
Reached 36 families with seeds, 1 family with water irrigation for garden, 4 families with tuition, routine doctor visits for 7 children.
Paid tuition for 7 students.
Sent 100 seed packets of various fruit and vegetables to be distributed among Outreach families.
Paid for routine doctor visits for 7 children and 1 adult.
Started Vegan initiative and Seedbank.
2019-Present	Acquired 501c3 status.

Zimbabwe	Created campaign for watering hole and fences against marauding animals. (ongoing.)
Kenya		Supplement tuition and supplies for 13 children (ongoing), aid for supplies for a shopowner with disabled adults, medical aid for another.
Nigeria		Retraining as tailor 1 person (ongoing).
Uganda		Tuition aid for one student. (ongoing).

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We will be launching a newly revised campaign for first aid supplies and basic necessities. Please stay tuned.



Ubuntu Village will be traveling to Africa soon and we would like to document this trip and any other trips taken in a blog format.

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