The Unaccompanied Children of Nakuru, Kenya

Group of Children Sitting on Grass

Mbogos’ Quality Farm Products and Ubuntu Village during outreach have found a group of orphans and unaccompanied minors living on the street.

They were sleeping in a makeshift that was destroyed, today sleeping in culverts.

A group of children reclining on blankets.

Now the rains have come. We began to pray for them.

Porridge cooking on gas burner

Prior to this, every day for the past month Mr. Mbogo would go every morning and round the orphans and other unaccompanied minors up to eat porridge. He would cook at his shop for them. We started with seven of them a month ago. Today we are feeding 20 every morning. Four of them have already been reunited with their families.

The next day and after our fervent praying a neighbor approached Mr. Mbogo and offered him the use of a house for the obviously neglected and threadbare children he had seen Mr. Mbogo feeding.

Now we need supplies and donations. The house has no furniture and the children have no bedding, since their bedding was destroyed by an angry person, as told above. Please help. Help us keep hope alive for the children that have no one and lived on the street until last night.

Kenya Cares

The children need everything: Food, clothing, household supplies, toiletries, etc. and they need to get back to school.


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