From a Soul Level: The Bigger Picture

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The word soul has had different meanings to different people at different times, and this inconsistency in definition can make it difficult to recognize what your soul really is, or how you should live in relation to it. It may even seem as though your soul isn’t real at all, or that it’s only valid when you’re thinking about the spiritual world. But this is not the case; your soul exists in many places dimensionally and in many ways and knowing this can help you lead a better life, both now and into the future.

What This Is About

What I want to do is dive deeper into why we are on Earth at all. Many of us can accept there is more here than just what we see, but even for those who believe there is more to life, it can be difficult to fathom that our soul has been around for hundreds and thousands of years. So what if we have been around forever? Why have we chosen now to incarnate? This is where quantum physics comes in. Everything consists of quantum particles. These particles can be in one place or another, even simultaneously.

Why We Have Chosen To Incarnate

Just as we’ve been taught, it’s all about making choices. Although they may be intrinsically small or appear to be inconsequential decisions from our human perspective, these choices often have life-changing repercussions on an unseen level of existence. Since we choose to come here and can turn back at any time (or decide not to come here in the first place–all previously agreed upon before incarnation), why do we choose to put ourselves through challenges that make life harder? The answer lies in what is referred to as our Higher Self. We don’t incarnate because we are forced into it; we choose to take part in some kind of master plan — or perhaps several plans.

Push Yourself

While it’s important to be kind to yourself and take breaks when you need them, never forget that self-improvement is an integral part of self-love. If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, it might be because they aren’t very important to you, or they aren’t congruent with your values and interests. Set goals that excite you and remind yourself daily that healthy habits can be formed in 21 days. For example, try writing down positive affirmations every day for a week; then carry them around with you for another week as reminders.

Show the World What You’re Made Of

Motivation, determination, and hard work are all vital elements of success, but they’re only part of what it takes to make something happen. To create real change in your life, you must be willing to do more than simply work hard; you need to act as if each step you take is making a difference in someone else’s life—even when you don’t see immediate results. That kind of passion may be tough at first, but it paves the way for major positive change both on a personal level and on a larger scale. It starts with showing that your heart is in what you do; once people realize that they’ll take notice of everything else about you.

Reconnect To Your True Self

Remember at a soul level, all that has ever happened and ever will happen is happening right now. Some physicists say that time as we know it is an illusion–things that have been and things that will be are happening simultaneously. We are one universe, and your soul is who you really are. It is connected to pure love. This can be difficult to fathom because of how deeply enmeshed in our physical lives we become. Yet with meditation, you can go back in time and remember. With each meditation, it gets easier to remember who you truly are (and not just think about it). There is nothing more important than remembering Who You Are! This remembering helps us reconnect with ourselves and experience life on our own terms. And from that place of inner peace and calmness comes everything else we could possibly want or need in life! -MM


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