Can words really affect the vibrational frequency of water? There is research that suggests they can!

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What happens when you expose water to positive affirmations? Water can indeed be affected by positive affirmations – even when the power of suggestion is removed from the equation, says people who have done experiments with water and vibrations.

What is Vibrational Frequency

Vibrational frequency is a term used to describe how much or little energy an object has. Vibrations are measured on a Hertz scale, which uses units known as cycles per second. It is possible for objects (or living organisms) to be at different frequencies: a tuning fork, for example, will vibrate at one particular frequency when hit with another fork that’s set to that same pitch. Frequency is what makes something resonate – when it matches another object’s vibration. What does this mean for water exposed to a particular vibrational frequency?  Does it change the water’s structure?

The study

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and alternative medicine advocate, has done several studies on how words can physically alter substances. In one study, he froze water that was exposed to positive phrases like I love you. Then he froze water that was exposed to negative phrases like you fool. He found that when both were thawed and poured into glasses, the frozen water exposed to positive phrases formed beautiful ice crystals while water from negative ones formed unusual shapes.

How to use this information

To start, try simply writing down a word and then pouring a glass of tap water. Concentrate on that word as you pour and notice how your mind starts to automatically associate your chosen word with water. For example, if you choose joy as your word and then proceed to write it on a piece of paper before starting to fill your glass, take note of how easily joy seems to come up in connection with water. After doing some experimentation over time and noticing what works best for you, come up with new terms that become part of your daily routine – but avoid picking a negative or emotionally charged term like sadness or anger, because those are far too easily associated with depression or ill feelings when taken out of context.

Future research

Studies are increasingly showing that human emotions, especially negative ones, can alter their physical surroundings. Science has already proven that exposure to positive or negative emotions—such as those experienced in a high-stress workplace environment—can change your biology in measurable ways. Whether by direct exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or through subtle energy vibrations produced by our thoughts and feelings, it is becoming more accepted that we exist within an energetic field around us. We literally have a biofield around us that affects our health and wellbeing at a physiological level. When you think about it, our own bodies are made up of mostly water; so how do our emotions affect water when we drink it and we are comprised mostly of water? -MM


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