What If I Were the Teacher? Angels in the Classroom

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An angel standing with a sword.

What if I were the teacher? What would I teach? I love Angels. I would teach about some of their attributes and maybe even have students draw an angel, which could be on a simple note card to hang in their room, or on the classroom wall, maybe even on the door to represent the students walking through it, showing their respect and appreciation for their angels. Because who wouldn’t want an Angel in Their Corner? It doesn’t matter how big or small you are; we all deserve to have someone in our corner cheering us on, supporting us, and protecting us!

Teaching Kids About Angels

No matter their age, all children need exposure to and guidance on how to interact with angels. This is especially true when they learn how to open themselves to divine communication. Children as young as 2 or 3 can begin interacting with angels, who will act as guardians during these formative years. Help your child explore his or her connection with them by fostering an awareness of them at a young age.

A Special Gift

When people think of angels, they imagine guardian angels watching over them and comforting them. They often forget that angels have a more literal meaning: messengers from All-That-Is to help us on our journey through life.  In many ways, angels are very much like teachers: they guide us, they assist us as we stumble along our way, and they prepare us for what lies ahead; however, most of all, when we least expect it, a real-life angel will show up to give you a special gift. It might be a mentor who shows you how to do something better or someone who surprises you with a new skill or talent. These are some of the best moments in life because an angel has given us something that is only theirs to give—their time, their wisdom, their compassion—to make our lives easier or better. And just like a teacher makes an impact in your world every day, so does an angel–often they go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Loving Everyone

It can be hard to love people you don’t like, but not impossible. Loving everyone is about focusing on loving, not other people’s faults. Just because you think someone is being rude or annoying doesn’t mean they are – you may just not be aware of their situation and how it’s affecting them. This isn’t an excuse for poor behavior; it’s a challenge to keep our hearts soft toward those around us. How can we do that?

Thinking about what is going on in the person’s life might make them act a certain way. Maybe they fought with their spouse or child before coming into work today. Maybe they have had some kind of loss recently and aren’t feeling well emotionally. When we start to see people as human beings instead of objects, our perspective will change, and so can theirs.

Understanding Others

No matter what your role is, understanding other people and their perspectives is important. It’s a simple truth that those who understand others better impact the world around them. Even if your goal isn’t to become an educator, there is plenty of value to be found by simply taking time out of each day to ask yourself: What do I need to learn from [insert name here] today? Over time, you will notice patterns about which types of interactions tend to lead you toward specific types of insights.

Smiling At Everyone

Sometimes, though, we find it difficult to put on a smile and show love to others. Perhaps we just don’t feel like it, or maybe we are insecure and worried that our smile might not be as sincere as others think it is. But, wouldn’t you agree that a genuine smile, one that comes from our heart, is one of the greatest gifts to others? Well, today was my day for smiling at everyone! Imagine walking to your destination with such a beautiful glow on your face and feeling so wonderful about yourself that all you want to do is beam love everywhere you go! And, today was my day for smiling at everyone!

Never Leaving Us

Sometimes we focus so much on our own personal enlightenment that we forget to consider how it will impact those around us. Often, we don’t consider how others might see things differently than us. Knowing your strengths and how others perceive them allows you to make adjustments so that everyone comes out ahead. Great leadership often means expanding not only your horizons but also those of your employees or colleagues.


Angel Shahariel is known as the angel of connection. He works to restore love that is plagued with ill will and disharmony. With Shahariel’s help, you will find a pathway for healing so that you can connect with your family and loved ones on a deeper level. It may also be time to rekindle the love you feel for those who have passed on from Earth. Call upon Angel Shahariel, the angel of connection, during difficult times or when you’re searching for new connections with family and friends. –MM

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