Why We Shouldn’t Judge Others on Their Path to Ascension

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We’re all striving toward the same goal: ascension into spiritual wholeness and freedom from our human limitations. Each of us has our own unique path, and we should respect the path of others instead of judging them based on the perceived rightness or wrongness of their beliefs. Here are a few reasons why we shouldn’t judge others on their path to ascension.

There are many paths to ascension

We all rise in our own time and in our way. Some of us may ascend quickly, while others may take longer. And that’s okay! We should never judge someone else’s path to ascension. Just because someone is taking longer to raise up doesn’t mean they’re any less worthy than someone who’s ascending quickly. We’re all on our journey, and we’ll all get there eventually. So let’s live and let live, and cause no harm along the way.

Just because you’re a vegan doesn’t mean I have to be one too

Just because someone is on a different path than you are, doesn’t mean you have to judge them. We all have our own beliefs, and we will all rise when it’s our time. No one knows the exact moment when we will ascend, so let’s just focus on our own journey and not worry about what others are doing. If you want to raise up your spiritual awareness, try meditating or practicing yoga!

The best way to help others is to do your own soul search first

It’s not our place to judge others for their actions or thoughts that don’t harm. Everyone is on their own path and will rise and fall as they must. The best we can do is focus on our journey and try not to cause harm. If we can all just live and let live, eventually, we will all rise to where we’re meant to be.

How do I know when I’m ready?

When it comes time for us to move on to the next level, we will know. Trust your intuition and let go of judgment. People come from all walks of life with their own beliefs, which is why we should never judge one another. People are where they need to be at the appropriate time, no matter what that is or what that looks like. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or Mother Earth doesn’t matter as long as you’re mindful of other people’s paths and lives in order to live and let live with no harm done.

Forgiveness and acceptance are key If we can learn to forgive and accept others, even when they may not deserve it, we can create a more positive and peaceful world. When we judge others, we’re only judging ourselves. We’re all on our path to ascension, and nobody is perfect. Not even me! –MM

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