The Angel Hakemiah – Your Guide to Overcoming Any Obstacle

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A powerful and helpful guide to overcoming any obstacle you may face in life, Angel Hakemiah is the answer to all your needs. Whether you’re struggling with heartbreak, depression, or anything else, Angel Hakemiah will give you the strength and courage you need to overcome any obstacle that comes your way and comes out stronger on the other side. This Blog can be what you need to read to change your life forever – are you ready?

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Part 1: The Angel Hakemiah teaches us that we have resilience inside ourselves

You have the power inside you to get through anything you are going through. It is up to you to listen and know that a spiritual force is available for your use in times of trouble. This force is an angel we call Hakemiah who will come into your life when needed, teaching you that the following things are possible for everyone:

1) Recovery from harsh criticism.

2) Healing after parting from the one you love.

3) Discovery of an inner sense of dignity.

4) Stop anybody who is oppressing your ability to express yourself or live the life you want.

Part 2: The Angel teaches us to turn our rage into purpose

It is difficult when others steal your joy, either knowingly or unknowingly. What seems so easy for them may be a struggle for you because they take and get what they want while you must appeal to yourself or others for help. And still, what they get could be seen as tainted because the vessel it comes from has flaws. No matter how spiritual one believes themselves to be, sometimes we are met with greed from people who do not know any better. The other person does not know that their idea of spirituality does not serve them in truth. The time for ignoring this is over; you must confront the person about their misconceptions about spirituality and then perhaps heal after parting from them, even when you love them.

Part 3: How can we overcome betrayal and suspicion?

If you feel you are living under a dark cloud and you’re unsure how to shake the suspicions surrounding your loved ones, start by reminding yourself of what life was like before. Remind yourself of the happy moments when things were good, and don’t forget about how much you love those people. The next time you think somebody might be betraying or hurting you, stop them with a dose of kindness. Send them an email and tell them all the ways they have helped you in the past. It will help remind them why they care for you so deeply in the first place. And if all else fails, just remember that nobody is perfect – they’ve been probably going through something hard too!

Part 4: Finding peace in the face of cruelty

In time, you will find peace. You will learn how to let the negative words roll off your back and permit yourself to live a life free of any limitations placed on you by others. For now, know that you are not alone in your struggle, and take heart knowing that the best is yet to come. The Angel Hakemiah will hear you, guiding you and helping you move past obstacles so that you can live the life you deserve.

Part 5: Our value as humans come from within, not without

Regardless of what we experience, life can still be worth living. Our mindset and belief in ourselves will get us through the tough times. We are not defined by any single event; we define ourselves with the decisions we make and the paths we take. All too often, we forget that human beings have intrinsic value, not simply extrinsic value, which fluctuates with outside circumstances or happenings. Just because you are experiencing something doesn’t mean it’s your destiny. You’re allowed to find yourself, explore new ideas, and pursue things that excite you. Don’t just read this blog–act.  Be proactive.  When you pray, send a prayer that adds a request to Angel Hakemiah for her guidance in matters akin to her powers.–MM


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