Holistic Affirmations for a Healthier You

Do affirmations help you get through your day and give you the confidence you need to make it in your world? It’s true that affirmations can shift attention away from habitual ways of thinking and acting and prepare you to start developing new and supportive behaviors. All things considered, what holistic behaviors might help you make the most of your affirmations? Let’s take a look!

Be Positive affirmation generating words to reprogram the mind

What are affirmations

Affirmations, within self-improvement, can be an effective way to reprogram your mind. These positive statements, when repeated regularly and with conviction, shift your attention away from habitual thoughts and patterns of behavior. Similarly, they also help us begin to change our beliefs about what is possible in life. How do affirmations work? They give you the power to control your own experience.

Affirmations prepare you for growing new and supportive behaviors that will lead you towards living a healthy lifestyle. Here are five holistic affirmations:

I am enough as I am

I have everything I need to heal myself

There is space within me for my emotions

I deserve love unconditionally

Write powerful, effective affirmations

Positive affirmations are typically short, powerful statements that reprogram the mind. Using the mind to focus on self-improvement-type behaviors that support and nurture the self. Here are some examples:

I am confident in my abilities to lead and succeed.

I can do anything I set my mind to.

Without a doubt, tomorrow will be better than today. In addition to positive affirmations, it is important not to forget about your holistic well-being. Below are some complementary practices to help you get the most out of your affirmations:

Daily exercise – helps lower stress levels, boosts mood, and increases energy levels.

Meditation – promotes inner peace and happiness by quieting the mind from all its thoughts so it can rest.

Gratitude journal – this practice teaches you how to appreciate life’s gifts daily. It also opens up space in which you might find solutions or answers to challenges facing you right now.

Use positive affirmations in daily thoughts

Affirmations offer a way to reprogram your thoughts and habitual ways of thinking and acting. It becomes self-improvement with action. Use these affirmations with the knowledge that everyone is living their life on purpose, even if they don’t know it. When people shift attention away from habitual ways of thinking, they feel empowered to act in more healthy ways. Positive affirmations are both simple and easy, but they will also help you create deep shifts in your mental outlook that lead to healthier and, now that you know–holistic habits.

5 ways to use affirmations every day:

1) Write out an affirmation that is meaningful to you–something that inspires you, motivates you, or makes you feel loved or at peace. Keep this statement by your bedside, write it down and post it on your fridge, keep a copy in your purse or wallet, and have one taped up by the bathroom mirror–wherever you can see it regularly throughout the day.

2) Every time something good happens in your life, like getting a compliment from someone important to you or feeling really happy about something–notice what thoughts came up just before that event? Write those statements down as well.

3) Read over all of the statements after each week (or month), take note of any patterns that emerge, and reprogram and make changes as needed so that each statement brings up positive feelings.

4) Express gratitude for what already exists now. In keeping the thoughts positive and on self-improvement, you can take a moment to think about everything you’re grateful for–and let that feeling sink in. Appreciating what we have helps us focus less on wanting things we don’t yet have and helps us maintain our connection with what’s going well in our lives.

5) Remember how lucky you are. We often only focus on the negative things happening in our lives, but there’s always something to be grateful for! Take some time daily to list five things you’re grateful for or excited about, whether it’s family, friends, work, or school-anything!–MM


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