7 Ways to Use the Angel Yabamiah’s Powers in Your Life

angel yabamiah

Not only can the Angel Yabamiah help you change your perception of reality to view it more positively, but he can also help you create positive situations in your life from nothing when necessary. By tapping into his seven powers, you can use them to reframe your own reality into one that’s more positive and empowering than the one you’re currently living in, no matter how hopeless things may seem at the moment. Here are seven ways to use Angel Yabamiah’s powers in your life today.

Angel Yabamiah

1) To find an open door

If you’re feeling stumped and there doesn’t seem to be any way out, tune into synchronicity. The Universe has a way of opening doors that may not have been visible before. Keep your eyes open for synchronicities. For example, maybe you’ve heard about an opportunity from someone but didn’t know if it was the right time to act on it. The next day after tuning into synchronicity, an email arrives with just what you need, and your intuition tells you this is the perfect moment to take action.

2) When going through a rough time

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tune into synchronicity and use it as a reminder that everything is happening for a reason. If you are going through a difficult time, stimulate meaningful coincidence by seeking opportunities to help others. If you feel like your current situation is not working out, make your reality more malleable by finding new ways of looking at the situation.

3) When feeling stuck

It can be tricky when you feel like you’re not moving forward. Here are some ways to use Angel Yabamiah’s powers of synchronicity, meaningful coincidence, and reality malleability to change your situation. – Tune in to synchronicity by identifying your desires or needs and being open for guidance from the Universe

– Stimulate meaningful coincidence by asking for a signal about how to make your dream a reality

– Make your current life more malleable by visualizing what you want it to look like.

– Recover from feelings of being stuck by taking time off from everything else

4) To stop overthinking

You may have noticed that when you overthink things, it can feel like there’s a constant stream of thoughts running through your head. It becomes challenging to make decisions or think clearly because you’re too distracted by all of these other thoughts. When this happens, it’s time to tune into synchronicity and let go of your thoughts for a while. The best way to do this is by closing your eyes and tuning into your senses. Notice what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch around you.

5) To make more room for creativity

The first step is tuning in to synchronicity. This can be done by sitting with your eyes closed and focusing on your breath for a few minutes. Once you feel centered, start visualizing a place or person you know has been significant for you. Imagine yourself going there or talking to them as if it were happening right now. Listen to what they have to say without interrupting them. After they finish speaking, thank them, and go back to being aware of your breath for a minute before opening your eyes again.

When you do this exercise regularly, it will make the world more malleable around you. You’ll be able to find harmony even when everything appears chaotic outside of you.

6) To celebrate good news

Congratulations on your promotion! The Angel Yabamiah’s powers can help you find inner peace and strength, so you can keep moving forward. This is a huge accomplishment for you, and it feels good to celebrate. So go ahead: buy yourself flowers, order some cake, and take a long bath. You deserve it! To encourage self-love: Give yourself an hour or two where you’re not allowed to do anything but treat yourself well. Listen to that album that’s been sitting on your computer forever, or paint that landscape painting you’ve been thinking about. Be with friends and family too- they’ll love being there with you while you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

7) If there’s something you want but can’t have right now

1. Tune into synchronicity by meditating on it and aligning your intent with the universe. The more focused and sincere you are, the more likely you will experience synchronicity. 2. Stimulate meaningful coincidence by looking for patterns of synchronicity in your day-to-day life. 3. Make your reality more malleable by rethinking what is possible. 4. Recover when you feel like taking a break from a current situation (work, relationship, etc.). 5. Find inner harmony even when the world appears to be falling apart (in times of disaster or tragedy).-MM


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