Ubuntu Village: 100% of Donations Go To The Needy

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When you work hard to achieve your goals, it can be easy to forget others who aren’t as fortunate. At Ubuntu Village, we seek to help the less fortunate by donating 100% of our profits to needy children around the world so they can get an education and have access to food and warm clothing. Through this, we’ve been able to make significant differences in the lives of so many other children, such as helping homeless children eat breakfast in Kenya, giving children who were without a family to care for them somewhere safe to live in Uganda, and more!

Ubuntu Village and Heart Cares in Kenya
undomiciled youth in Kenya

Our Mission

Ubuntu Village is a committed group of individuals intent on establishing a worldwide network of self-sustaining communities. We believe today’s society is too full of “too much”: too much hassle, too much stress, and too much reliance on technology. Consequently, we want to provide those who want to live on the outskirts of a disharmonious society a way to be a part of a self-reliant and self-sustaining community that connects to the outside world for necessities but isn’t bound to the same ills or stresses. Further, we want to give people the chance to feel accomplished in their own skin and to see what their own lives and abilities are worth when put in a real task. Our goal is to achieve this so our own communities can become sustainable. By spreading the word and helping other communities do the same, we can help achieve sustainability globally.

How We Operate

At Ubuntu Village, we believe in the power of giving to help those in need. We do this by donating 100% of our donations to the needy. In Uganda, we provide education for children; in Kenya, we help disabled and homeless children by providing them with a warm meal in the morning.

Our Impact

Our mission is to help those in need, and we do this by donating 100% of our funds to the needy in Uganda, Kenya, and other parts of Africa. In Uganda, we provide education for children; in Kenya, we provide food to children who live on the street.
We started as a small group with a simple mission and have now grown into a larger group that can help more people. We are proud to be able to do this and know that every dollar donated makes a difference!

Our Future Plans

In the future, Ubuntu Village hopes to expand to other countries and continue our mission to help those in need. Altogether, we wish to make a difference in the lives of more people by providing them with training, education, and food.

Ways You Can Help

  1. Volunteer for Ubuntu Village one day a month.
  2. Spread the word of Ubuntu Village to friends and family.
  3. Sponsor a Child’s Education 4. Sponsor a Disabled Person’s Living Expenses 5. Sponsor Breakfast for Homeless Children 6. Become a monthly donor, sponsor an educational project, fund or subsidize someone’s living expenses, or sponsor breakfast for homeless children for just $20/month. Your support will help change the lives of those in need and make the world a better place to live.

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Ubuntu Village will be traveling to Africa soon and we would like to document this trip and any other trips taken in a blog format.

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