Stop Using The N-Word: It’s Low-Vibratory and Subconsciously Mindless

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Today, I’m going to let you in on the psychology of the N-word and why it’s time for Black people to stop using it. A simple Google search of the N-word will bring up thousands of websites, videos, and articles about the N-word and its use, but no one seems to focus on the actual psychology behind that word. It’s time we changed that! Today, I want to share with you some of my insights into why Black people need to stop using the N-word.

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The N-word Is Not for General Audience Use or Civil Discourse – Stop Using It!

Do you use the N-word in your everyday speech? If you do, then you’re not only adding to the negative connotations of the word and contributing to the subconsciousness of Black people who are mindless enough to claim that word as their…VERY OWN, but you also need to stop using it altogether. Here’s why using the N-word is harmful to Black people as well as to non-Black people who refuse to stop saying it, too.

The N-word is not for general audience use

The word nigga/er is not for general audience use or civil discourse. STOP USING IT! The N-word is more than JUST a word. It is a low-vibratory word whose sole purpose is not to enhance the subconsciousness of Black people who are mindless enough to claim that word as their…VERY OWN. Nigga/er means you don’t have to do any work; Nigga/er means you don’t have to think. Nigga/er is black mindlessness at its best because, if anything, it aids in strengthening the self-hatred already engrained in us by our oppressors.

The N-word is more than just a word

The word Nigga/er is not just a word. When we use the power of our thoughts, words, and actions to manifest what we want in life, it helps us create something positive instead of being stuck in a negative mindset with no way out. A word used to suppress and ridicule and kill.  Yes, kill.  My mother was born in South Carolina in 1929, and she taught me how the word was used and what it was created to do.  Why dredge it up and recycle it?

The N-word is a low-vibratory word

The word Nigga/er is the most insulting, low-vibratory, dark, heavy, and hateful word in the English language. That word was created by some people to hurt Black people–to remind them of their place in society. It is a subliminal tool to keep Black people enslaved and controlled.  Why add to its purpose to distort and suppress?

The purpose of the N-word is not to enhance the subconsciousness of black people

Nigga/er has been used to dehumanize the Black race for centuries, and we need to be done with it. And don’t get mad at me because I’m telling you that your usage of the word is one of the reasons why many people are still so disrespectful towards Black people.  The more we use the word, the more we subconsciously remind ourselves that nigga/er is somebody who deserves to be degraded, who deserves to live a life of misery. But all of this can change if we stop using it.

Black people who claim the N-word as their own are mindless to the harm it causes them

The word nigga/er is a low-vibratory word with no purpose other than to subconsciously remind Black people of the harm that they’ve endured in America. Many Black people claim the word as their own, but they do so blindly, without considering how much pain it can cause to themselves, their family members, and future generations. If you use the word nigga/er, you are not only hurting yourself by reinforcing white supremacy; you are also hurting those around you who have experienced racism.  Be conscious.  Use words that reflect your state of mind in positivity.-MM


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