The Role You Chose Before You Were Born

Have you ever wondered why we are the way we are? Are you curious why some of us seem more “naturally” adept at certain skills or talents than others? The answer to this may lie in the role you chose before birth. Before each reincarnation, we choose one of seven roles that serve as the blueprint for who we are and how we interact with others. This blog post will explore the different roles we can choose from before birth and how they influence our lives.


The Seven Soul Types

Each of us chooses one of seven soul types before entering this world. These soul types serve as our spiritual blueprint, helping to shape who we are and how we interact with the world. The seven soul types are: Warrior, Scholar, Server, Priest, Sage, Artisan, and King. Each of these roles has its unique set of abilities and gifts, as well as its own set of challenges and lessons to learn.

The Warrior is focused on strength, determination, and courage. They are natural leaders driven to protect and serve those around them.

The Scholar is focused on knowledge, truth, and understanding. They are great at researching and learning new things and are especially adept at problem-solving.

The Server is focused on compassion, care, and healing. They are great at helping others and providing emotional support.

The Priest is focused on devotion, faith, and spirituality. They are excellent teachers and motivators and have a special connection to divine source energy.

The Sage is focused on wisdom, enlightenment, and intuition. They often possess an innate understanding of the world and can offer profound insights.

The Artisan is focused on creativity, innovation, and expression. They have a special ability to see beauty in the world and can express it through art, music, or writing.

Finally, the King is focused on structure, organization, and efficiency. They are excellent administrators who can take a project from concept to completion.

Each type has something unique to offer, no matter which role we choose before entering this world. We can use our soul type to help us recognize our strengths and weaknesses and our purpose in this life.

Why We Choose the Roles We Do

The seven soul types, or roles, that we choose before incarnating are part of the Michael Teachings, which offer insight into our lives and spiritual growth. These roles provide a blueprint for who we are and how we interact with others. They define our unique qualities, as well as our weaknesses and strengths.

Each role has its own distinct characteristics, so the role we choose can affect our behavior, attitudes, and outlook on life. Some roles may be more compatible with certain environments than others, so choosing a role may also depend on the circumstances in which we were born.

We may choose roles that are aligned with our true inner nature, or we may pick roles that represent the opposite of our core self. By doing this, we may be able to challenge ourselves and work through any underlying issues or feelings we may have.

It is also possible that we choose a role out of a desire to heal or to explore certain aspects of ourselves that we haven’t been able to experience in our current lifetime. Regardless of the reason, it is important to remember that these roles are merely guides and do not limit us in any way.

Understanding the seven soul types allows us to gain insight into our lives and learn more about ourselves. We can recognize the gifts and challenges of our role and use this knowledge to move forward in our spiritual journey.

How Our Roles Impact Our Lives

The soul type we choose before birth affects every aspect of our lives. From the jobs we choose to the relationships we cultivate, our soul type and the roles we choose influence our decisions.

These seven roles can help us understand why certain things come easily to us and why certain activities seem more difficult. Knowing the soul type we choose before coming to earth gives us greater self-awareness and self-understanding.

For example, someone who has chosen the role of Warrior may find that they are naturally gifted in physical activities such as sports or martial arts. Meanwhile, someone who has chosen the role of Visionary may be better suited for creative pursuits or intellectual activities.

Understanding the soul type we chose before incarnating allows us to gain insight into our unique gifts and talents, helping us make better life choices and create more meaningful relationships.  For more information, check out The Michael Handbook, A Channeled System for Self Understanding, by Jose Sevens, Ph. D and Simon Warwick-Smith. –MM


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