“I started working among the poor of Kenya in 1982. I would collect donations from friends and well-wishers, and would buy food and take the items to the poor, orphaned and vulnerable children, street children, and to poor elderly who were/are taking care of grandchildren orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

One thing kept disturbing me. Money could not get the ideal ready-made products for nutritional boosting in the slums. I had to make them from scratch.

I came up with a booster porridge flour by mixing different cereals, legumes and dried fish. A product I am using to date and that has proven to be a beneficial formula among the most vulnerable and the very sick HIV/AIDS patients in the slums.

I have been giving bags of flour to needy families and cooking porridge to feed the orphaned and vulnerable, as well as street children.

I registered the above business name to enable me supply the products to shops so that many could get access to them and so that the business could provide for my expenses and enable me serve more through charity.” – Issa Mbogo, Mbogo’s Quality Farm Products

Mbogo's Quality Farms and Ubuntu Village give out products.
Outreach 2022
student outreach in Kenya
Project Outreach 2021
Cooking Porridge
Grains Utilized
Close Up of Ingredients
photo of Mbogo's Quality Farm Products on store shelves
Full Line of Formulated Products
Youth in Kenya waiting for porridge.
Youth waiting for porridge
corn field
Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com

Together we have been more effective on the ground than each of us alone. By alleviating the suffering of many poor parents with children suffering from cerebral palsy, assisting them in starting small income-generating enterprises, and so enabling them to help themselves.

Together we are now helping more street children get back to school than I ever did before and giving help to their families by empowering their parents to care for them through better nutrition utilizing our food products.

Together we are helping more elderly parents take care of grandchildren orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other misfortunes.

I am now very effective on the ground, and more needy persons are getting assistance to help themselves and be in charge of their own destiny.

I am very grateful to Ubuntu Village for the way we have together changed the lives of many for the better within a very short time. —Issa Mbogo, Mbogo’s Quality Farm Products

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