photo of red pepper beside pickles

We Should All Be At Least Vegetarians

Even if you’re not a full-on vegetarian, there are plenty of reasons to eat less meat in your diet. If you’re concerned about the environment, or animals, or just want to improve your own health, read these 10 great reasons to go vegetarian today.

selective focus photo of red and blue frog on ground

Weather Phenomenon: Animal Rain

Lat year’s animal rain consisted of fish falling from the sky because Texarkana receives its water from the Red River watershed in Oklahoma, where there are plenty of trees and frogs and even some other species of fish such as catfish and carp.

snowy pathway surrounded by bare tree

Can I See The Forest before the Trees?

Forests, once thought to be the most crucial resources on our planet, are now suffering the effects of climate change. Because forests are able to capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, their role in regulating the world’s climate is becoming increasingly important during periods of increased global warming and climate change. This article will detail the current impacts of climate change on the world’s forests, as well as discuss how we can work towards solving this increasing problem.

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