Hubble Serves Up a Holiday Snow Angel

The Angel Hakemiah – Your Guide to Overcoming Any Obstacle

The Angel Hakemiah is one of the most powerful angels you can work with if you’re having trouble moving forward in your life because of some struggle that’s holding you back, whether it’s addiction, abuse, bad relationships, or anything else.

grayscale photo of angel sculpture

Get to Know Angel Songael: Your Guide to Spiritual Evolution

Songael, the angel of spiritual evolution, has been around since the dawn of time. They are here to help give us some of our most basic and important understandings of spirituality, and he’s still here to guide us today as we continue to discover more about our purpose in life and how to experience peace and harmony with the universe. Here are just a few ways Songael can help you experience spiritual growth in your own life.

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Ubuntu Village will be traveling to Africa soon and we would like to document this trip and any other trips taken in a blog format.